It's not Sam. My name is Thomas I'm in the research team of FTW who investigate on the species. We found several things that can prove that the species aren't similar to anything we know. Exept one thing, the brain. He is really similar to the Human brain but, a brain zone name Amygdala is highly infect.

Looking for more.


Anonymous said...

now this is it...this page is complete b.s. trying to cash in the all aladygma/cloverfield hype

milo said...

que, ce n'est pas réel ?

remy said...

on apprécierait avoir plus de détails à propos de votre hypothèse de la "zone name Amygdala is highly infect".
comment en êtes vous arrivez là?
est-ce par simple hypothèse sur le comportement des ces bêtes tueuses?