It is time to say the truth

A Reporter is telling the Truth, i will follow her.

Sam J. Jarb


I can't have pictures of the parasite that were found but, some of FTW french team draw them... there probably on many site because I'm sure that we have like 13-14 mole that gives informations to outsiders...

Pour ceux qui ne me croient pas, je fait vraiment partie de l'équipe francophone de FTW search, j'ai été employé il y a envrion 8 mois de ça.

Sam J. Jarb
Poor teddy...

I just learned that he was working for FTW search in Yucatan and taht he was in USA when he disapear... If you find it, just e-mail me.

Sam J. Jarb

Back from the trip..

I'm back!

I was in Mexico for about 2 month with the Spanish FTW team ans I learn a lot, I have some photo but here's one... from now I'll continue tu update this site.

Sam J. Jarb