It is time to say the truth

A Reporter is telling the Truth, i will follow her.

Sam J. Jarb


I can't have pictures of the parasite that were found but, some of FTW french team draw them... there probably on many site because I'm sure that we have like 13-14 mole that gives informations to outsiders...

Pour ceux qui ne me croient pas, je fait vraiment partie de l'équipe francophone de FTW search, j'ai été employé il y a envrion 8 mois de ça.

Sam J. Jarb
Poor teddy...

I just learned that he was working for FTW search in Yucatan and taht he was in USA when he disapear... If you find it, just e-mail me.

Sam J. Jarb

Back from the trip..

I'm back!

I was in Mexico for about 2 month with the Spanish FTW team ans I learn a lot, I have some photo but here's one... from now I'll continue tu update this site.

Sam J. Jarb




I just recive info from the HQ.

It seem that a little team of FTW as found an alive species in Nevada. I don't know if I will have pictures or video but I hope. However, the specie have been found in the "desert" not so far away from the "area 51" of USA. 

Sam J. Jarb

A link in all this?


I'm back!

Today, I'm here to talk to you about some info that I just recive from the HQ in NYC. It seem that all the project is in link with some sort of infection that would have affect the terrorist who attack the city of NY on september 11 2001. As I said before, I don't really know what all the project, I'm the Web Admin that's all. Thomas know more than me cause he work in the labs but I don't.

It seem that the infection that affect the aladygma species is the same as the one who affect the Hijacker of the planes on 9/11. Personnaly, I think that some people are Hidding things to us...

Sam J. Jarb


How it all Start.


It's sam.

Many of you have been asking one question: "How does Aladygma project start?"

Well, it all start in 1949 in a place that many of you know as "Roswell" the first species of what we know call "Aladygma" were found. In this year, a scientist name Ben Selvyn start the FTW search. The project was abandonned on November 1956. 

We're a new "gang" of scientist who decide to continu the project with the new event that append in NY city and with the new sign of "aladygma" species. For the one who don't belive us here some (Bad) picture that we're take by Ben Selvyn in  octobre, 1949.

Those picture could shock some people:

Sam J. Jard

The numbers


Here are some picture take with my shity camera. It's one of the Water species (Yes, there is also Earth species). It's a little bit small but that's the best I can do:



You probably don't see it but there is a numeric code of number (Like I explain in my previous post) on the left side of the "monster".

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How to Help!


It's Sam talking!

Many of you don't wanna belive us because of such website as: aladygmaclues. We're not blaming them because it's totally normal they don't understand. But if you want to help we need you to do something. If you have a river not far away for your house, take a little of water and send it in a close bottle to the following adress:

90 W Broadway, new York, NY

or in Quebec:

620, rue Jean-Talon, Québec, CA

Sam J. Jarb

(I'm passing you Thomas)


Some kind of Numbers?


It's me Thomas. We've found strange things on the species... on many of them we can found scared numbers. They are 0128, like a numeric code or something. I'll post image soon. Also many of you have found are Web Database www.aladygma.com. This as been create for almost nine month and it will complete with our project detail soon.

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It's not Sam. My name is Thomas I'm in the research team of FTW who investigate on the species. We found several things that can prove that the species aren't similar to anything we know. Exept one thing, the brain. He is really similar to the Human brain but, a brain zone name Amygdala is highly infect.

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It's me again. I just want to show you what the Aladygma species can do. Really disturbing.

On Cape May beach.

On a Italian beach.

Sam J. Jarb

The Project.


My name is Sam J. Jarb. I'm one of the members of the research team name "FTW Search". I'm here today to talk to you about this project that you don't know much about.

The project is name "Aladygma species" and is base on the research of several creature found (dead for all the cases) in city as London, Tokyo, New York and Egypt. Those "monsters" seam to be new species. All we really know is that the governement knew about those stranges creatures. We also have suspitions on the Terrorist attack of New York on July 28. We think that it was an other type of attack.

Sorry for the english, we're a French team.

Sam J. Jarb